EAA Webinar- Healthy Pilot Technology- Aithre Product Suite Featured

EAA Webinar- Healthy Pilot Technology hosted by Phil Lightstone, aviation journalist and editor of Plane Talk, discusses new health technology to help pilots mange their health in flight, especially focusing on hypoxia. In his in-depth overview Phil discusses ways to "use technology to create an ecosystem to help keep up preventative maintenance" on the body while flying. He goes over various areas of health and different medical technology for maintaining health as a pilot as well as what technology you can use to help monitor your health in the plane.

Highlighted during his hypoxia discussion, the Aithre product suite was highlighted as offering great product solutions to meet the needs of hypoxia mitigation and detection through continuous wearable pulse oximetry, (Aithre Illyrian), oxygen tank monitoring (Aithre Altus- now Aithre Meso), carbon monoxide active detection (Aithre Shield 4.0 portable, Aithre EX line as well as the Aithre EX eDOT 5.0 for behind the panel installation in certified), all which seamlessly provide detailed information and alerts via the Aithre Connect App on the iPhone and WatchOS. 

This in-depth webinar is available to EAA members here: 

EAA Webinar - Healthy Pilot Technology

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