Hypoxia Presentation Materials

NW Aviation Conference Presentation (2022)

SR-22 Incident ATC Audio (captioned) 

LearJet Incident ATC Audio (captioned)


Aithre Product Suite Overview

Aithre System Overview Illustration


Aithre AVI Series Smart Oxygen Systems

AVI Series General Instructions

AVI Series Endurance Data

Regulation Summary for Oxygen Installation & Use 

Aviation Consumer Magazine Review

AVI8 Semi-Installed Version

Aithre AVI8 Semi-Installed System Diagram

Aithre AVI8 Datasheet

Aithre AVI8 Installed Addendum 

Aithre AVI8 Semi-Installed In-Flight Demo by Midwest Panel Builders

Aithre AVI8 Semi-Installed Bench Demo by Midwest Panel Builders

Aithre AVI8 Semi-Installed Installation by Midwest Panel Builders

AVI64EX Version

Avi64EX System Diagram

Aithre AVI64EX Installed Addendum

Aithre Integrator RS-232 Protocol for Avionics Developers


Aithre Oxygen Bottles

Oxygen System Product Selection Guide

5 Year Mail-In Hydrostatic Testing Service

Mountain High Transfilling Hose Instructions

Transfilling Video

Bottle 47L Fixed Flow Datasheet

Bottle 47L Instructions

Bottle 152L Fixed Flow Datasheet

Bottle 152L Fixed Flow Instructions

Bottle 152L Adjustable Flow Datasheet

Bottle 152L Adjustable Flow Instructions

Warranty Information

Bottle CE Certificate

Bottle Inspection & Testing Report to ISO11119-3:2013


Aithre Connect iOS and WatchOS App

Aithre Connect App Quickstart Guide


Aithre Metis In-Flight Weather Beacon

Aithre Metis Datasheet

Aithre Metis Installation Instructions


Aithre Illyrian Smart Oximeter Setup Resources

Aithre Illyrian Tutorial Video

Aithre Illyrian QuickStart Guide

Aithre Illyrian Quick Unboxing

Aithre Illyrian Manual

Aithre Illyrian Datasheet

Aithre Illyrian USB Charger QuickStart Guide

Aithre Illyrian Warranty and FCC Information


Aithre Altus Meso Oxygen Tank Smart Monitor 

Aithre Altus Meso Installation Video

Aithre Altus Meso Installation Instructions

Aithre Altus Meso Built-in Option Install Addendum

Aithre Altus Meso Datahseet


Aithre Shield eDot 5.0 - FAA Part 23 Approved

eDot Installation Manual

FAA Certification Letter


Aithre Shield 4.0 Portable Smart CO Detector

Aithre Shield 4 Datasheet

Aithre Shield 4 CO Sensor Sensitivity Data

Aithre Shield 4 Instruction Manual

Aithre Shield 4 Warranty Manual


Aithre Shield EX Series

Aithre Shield EX 1 Datasheet

Aithre Shield EX 2 Datasheet

Aithre Shield EX 3 Datasheet

Aithre Shield EX 1, 2, 3 Quickstart Guide

Aithre Shield EX 1, 2, 3 Installation Instructions

Aithre Shield EX 3 Pinout Mapping for Vans Harness Kits

Aithre Shield EX 1, 2, 3 Warranty

Aithre Shield EX 1, 2, 3 Dynon Widget File (updated 12/20/2020)

Aithre Shield EX 1, 2, 3 CO Sensor Sensitivity Data


Aithre Shield EX Series Customer Installed Screenshots

G3x CO, Portable Oxygen PSI, and Pilot SPO2

G3x CO

G3x Popup CO Warning on Primary Page

G3x Portable O2

Dynon Skyview CO, Tank PSI, and Pilot SPO2 Widget Operation Video

Dynon Skyview CO

Dynon Skyview Portable O2 PSI

Dynon Skyview Split Screen with Custom CO Indicator

Advanced Flight CO & Portable O2


Aithre USB Dual Type A Charging Port

Aithre USB Datasheet

Aithre USB Install Manual


YouTube Channels 

Aithre YouTube Channel

Midwest Panel Builders YouTube Channel