Jim Ruttler, President

Jim is the orginal inventor and founder of Aithre. He is a patent attorney with a law degree, an MBA, and a bachelors in neurobiology.

Jim is also an instrument-rated pilot and RV-10 builder.


Zuzana Melherova, Vice-President

Zuzana has a degree in Mathematics from Vanderbilt University and has worked in finance and operations for twenty years. 

She is an avid skier, gardener, and trail runner.


Jessica Stephens, Vice-President

Jessica Stephens, is a veteran trauma nurse with the U.S. Army with a BSN nursing degree. 

She is a gifted graphical artist and photographer and is an avid trail runner.  


Jim Ruttler, Sr., Vice-President

Jim Ruttler, Sr., is a current jet pilot and retired F-4 and F-15 pilot with the USAF (Col.).  He has a bachelors and masters in electrical and systems engineering. 

He is also a life-long golfer with an impressive handicap.