Aithre Boom Cannula

How far does the boom cannula arm need to be pushed into the blue adaptor? My sheething is bunching. 

The adaptor is designed and tapered on the interior to prevent the arm from being pushed in too far and blocking the internal channel. Just a gentle insertion with a little twist is needed to get it in and it will hold. If the sheathing bunches you have pushed too hard and too far, smooth out the sheathing and try again. Max insertion is 5mm. 

Boom Cannula Arm Insertion

How far does the nose piece insert into my nose?

Adjust the boom cannula arm and the nose piece so that it comfortably rests in your nose and delivers oxygen. You may be used to two sides of dual cannulas pulling the nose piece tightly into your nose but with the boom arm you will not feel that pressure and it may feel loose, but as long as the oxygen is delivered into your nose you have a good fit. 

Aithre AVI portable and installed versions 

Can I use the AVI8 with another bottle (non-Aithre)? Can I purchase the regulator Standalone and use it with another bottle?

Yes, you can now purchase any AVI system and have it work with an existing bottle, but it will come with a regulator tuned to work with the AVI. The regulator will attach to your existing tank valve. 

The AVI can also be purchased stand-alone and work with an installed oxygen system. Be sure to test the psi coming out of your system to make sure it's compatible. We offer a testing kit. 

Can I get my own installation parts instead of your "kit"?

Purchasing the kit along with the AVI8 is the only way to get the semi-built-in option. We do not offer it as ala carte at this time. the reasons are many, but primary reasons are that we configure the wiring in the AVI8 special for the built-in and configure the on/off button with wiring for panel mounting. We also tested the kit parts with the system and can guarantee operation. We've take care to provided the back-up pilot line, all the fittings and mounts, the wiring, the bulkhead parts, and fully tested the assembly. If something isn't working, we can be assured it is our fault and will be able to support it and take responsibility. 

Aithre Shield - Output Lag and refresh rates

Is the read-out to the Aithre Connect App and/or Avionics instantaneous or is there a lag time?

Initial output to the Avionics and to the app takes between 30-60 seconds or sooner to output. Then the refresh is every 12 seconds or so. There is sometimes a slight discrepancy between the avionics and app output due to slightly different refresh timing. Occasionally because of rounding differences the output number can be different by 1 on the avionics and the app. 

Aithre Shield 4.0 - Operation

How long does the battery take to charge?

The battery takes approximately 30 minutes to fully charge, depending on the level it began at. The app give you battery level. 

How long does the battery last?

This will depending on the settings that are selected. If the LED light setting is set to always on then the unit will last approximately 8-10 hours. With a lower light setting the unit will last up to 40 hours. 

Can I operate the unit while it's charging?


Aithre Illyrian Oximeter - Operation

How long does the battery take to charge?

The USB battery provided with the Illyrian takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge. The light blinks while charging and turns to solid when charging is complete. 

How long does the battery last?

The Illyrian uses very little power, the full battery will last between 26-30 hours. You may use other USB power banks or installed USB plugs if they are available in the plane. 

Aithre Shield eDot - Installation

What is the hole size for the panel light?

Use a 7/8" unibit type drill bit. There is a provided light plate provided to cover any imperfections in the panel hole cut.

How large a space does the panel light and plate take up?

The plate is 37mm wide, 40mm tall. The hole opening is 23mm.