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Aithre (AYE-THRA) is the greek word for pure air and blue skies. We are pilots and builders that have designed a complete hypoxia management solution for aviation. Our Aviation Consumer award winning pulse oximeters, carbon monoxide detectors, and oxygen pressure monitors are integrated together in our iOS app and work with leading experimental avionics to help you fly safer.


Mountain High now offers the Aithre Carbon Fiber bottles equipped with MH regulators and equipment.



The Meso enables wireless pressure and flow monitoring of your oxygen tank on your iOS or on your experimental G3x and Dynon avionics with the Shield EX 3.0. Available from your favorite retailer or preinstalled on new tanks exclusively with Aerox.



Part 23 aircraft approved! Replace your cardboard dot with an electronic one that actually works! A brushed aluminum low profile indicator with a remote mount small enclosure provide ongoing assurance. Also works with our Aithre Connect iOS app!

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elegant & intuitive

sensitive to 1 ppm

easy 2 wire install

CO Detector


Experimental aircraft CO detector preinstalled in Vans RV-12iS, Aerotronics Panels, and Midwest Panels and available at aviation retailers


Just wanted to shoot out a quick email to you. I’ve been using the Illyrian you sent in my personal plane and I have to say, it’s pretty cool. I really like it even thought my little plane can’t get up to where it could be a problem. It’s nice to have to demo to folks and I always have my flight bag at work with it attached to my headset.

Jason Smith, Aerotronics

This morning we launched from Missoula in Miss Montana enroute Normandy to participate in the 75th anniversary of DDay celebrations. Onboard we have an Aithre Shield CO monitor developed by a fellow RV10 builder. We love it, the ability to move it around in our large DC3, read and store results in the app, and have confidence our 75-yr old airplane is safe. Great product.


Just as I was departing to the practice area while keeping an eye on the Shield, it goes red.  That's it, I've got a confirmed exhaust leak.  I immediately pull a tight right to re-enter the pattern while closing the heat control and dumping some fresh air in.   After the flight, I realize I've got a bit of a headache that I know came from the CO levels.  THANK YOU for this wonderful little device.


Aithre has achieved a wicked risk-mitigation solution to the carbon monoxide threat in the everyday general aviation pilot world.  Aithre didn't just talk about future improvements, they did something about it in quick fashion.  When it comes to CO awareness I trust my life and my family's lives to Aithre.

Kris PhD Aviation Human Factors and Safety

Just a quick note to say what a great product!  I’ve been using it now for a couple of months, and it’s so good it’s picking up the CO levels in the L.A. basin (1 to 4 PPM depending on where and what time of day)!  It was reading the *ambient* CO in the air in L.A. correctly!  Actually, *very* accurately…impressive!

Stephen, NASA Engineer

Aithre, Inc

Physical: 971-3 N Main Street

             Ketchum, ID 83340

Mailing: PO Box 4980

             Ketchum, ID 83340



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