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Shield USB 6.0 Portable CO Detector - With iOS App - White

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The Shield USB 6.0 builds on the legacy of the Shield 4.0 using the same technology in a smaller form factor, based on years of improvements inspired by customer feedback. The 6.0 is the first of its kind - a small USB stick that plugs into any USB source for a extremely simple, portable, and functional solution for sensitive carbon monoxide detection in your aircraft.  


The Shield 6.0 features the same 30 second up and down response to carbon monoxide with 1 ppm resolution and +/- 15% accuracy.  The 6.0 is temperature independent with an internal temperature adjustment circuit that compensates for temperature induced errors in the sensor between -10 C to +50 C.  The state-of-the-art solid sensor requires no recalibration for at least 10 years under normal operating conditions and is completely unaffected by pressure and altitude changes.



The hardened class cover features a glowing 'A' logo of blue, amber, or red to visually indicate carbon monoxide ranges, controllable in modes of pulse/off/steady via the Aithre Connect application.


The Shield 6.0 is fully supported in the Aithre Connect App available on the APPLE store, providing discrete and 4 hr history trend data plus popup and Siri notifications to your headset (when paired) when threshold CO levels are crossed.  You can set your custom warning level or depend upon the built-in 2ppm, 10ppm, and 50ppm warning levels.  Additionally, you can see trend data plotted vs. airspeed, altitude, and temperature to determine relationships in carbon monoxide levels.  In the event carbon monoxide levels are detected, you will appreciate access to all your trip data stored on your iOS device automatically as a CSV file.


The Shield 6.0 simply operates by plugging into any USB power source.  This can be a USB charger or a panel mounted USB plug.  Even your computer can be used as the USB plug.  No batteries or recharging is ever required in the Shield 6.0 device itself.  


Many customers enjoy the clip mount that made the Shield 4.0 predecessor popular.  This same clip mount system is possible with the Shield 6.0 and two clips are provided for use in various settings like your hangar and airplane.  When clip mounted, the 6.0 uses the included female to male USB extension wire to plug into your USB power source.


  • Shield 6.0 USB Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • 2 Mount Clips
  • 1 Female to Male USB-A extension wire
  • Aithre Connect iOS app (includes WatchOS companion app)