Aithre Boom Cannula and Adaptor
Aithre Boom Cannula and Adaptor
Aithre Boom Cannula and Adaptor
Aithre Boom Cannula and Adaptor
Aithre Boom Cannula and Adaptor
Aithre Boom Cannula and Adaptor
Aithre Boom Cannula and Adaptor
Aithre Boom Cannula and Adaptor
Aithre Boom Cannula and Adaptor
Aithre Boom Cannula and Adaptor
Aithre Boom Cannula and Adaptor

Aithre Inc

Aithre Boom Cannula and Adaptor

Sale price$150.00
Style:Boom Adaptor Left Side Mount

Now Available: Right Side Adaptor!

Oxygen requires use if one is to realize its benefits, but the delivery mechanisms have thus far been inspired from the medical field and not aviation. Unruly, uncomfortable, stiff cannulas and bulky obtuse boom options are factors that contribute to the reluctance of aviators and passengers to use oxygen, except when absolutely required. The Aithre boom cannula is designed from the ground up for aviation and the unique requirements of flight, with the goal to make oxygen as convenient as using a mic – always available but never obtrusive.  

The Aithre boom cannula marries functionality with elegance to provide the most convenient, comfortable, and stylish cannula ever devised. A 100% silicone cannula combines with an articulating boom and an anodized and laser etched aluminum pivot adapter to provide flexible access to oxygen whenever required. Simply lower the boom into position when oxygen is required and raise the boom when oxygen is no longer needed.  

Further, the Aithre boom cannula duals as a mount for the portable Illyrian oximeter, helping support flight safety with continuous heart rate and blood oxygen readings throughout all phases of flight.


No pilot or passenger enjoys a tube pushed against their ears or the increased cockpit noise that comes from acoustic barrier disruption, or the cumbersome donning of cannulas while engaging in flight activities. The Aithre boom cannula provides relief from discomfort, sound, and stress with an earcup mount location that avoids the ears and preserves both passive and active noise cancellation features - on any headset.


The boom cannula includes a silicone cannula, boom arm, mount knob, pivot adapter, thumb set screw, and two removable 3M adhesive pads.  Everything you need to install and use the Aithre boom cannula with any aviation headset is provided.  


A lightweight stylish anodized aluminum adapter is applied to your headset using a knob mount and provided 3M removable adhesive. The adapter pivots on the knob mount and is secured into position using the thumb set screw to enable movement of the boom in and out of position similar to a microphone. The adhesive has been selected to strike a balance and is strong enough to stick, but also easy to remove without damage to your headset.


The anodized aluminum adapter is designed to last just as long as your headset. And, while the cannula will last a long time too, most aviators like to occasionally get a new cannula replacement. So, we've ensured that the boom and cannula portion is easily removed and interchangeable without any tools. Simply order a refill for a low cost, pull the old boom and cannula off, and push the new pieces into the adapter to keep your Aithre boom cannula clean, fresh, and like-new for years to come.


Being safe no longer means being uncomfortable. If you haven't experienced a silicone cannula, you will enjoy the flexibility, comfort, and reduced irritation that comes with a 100% platinum cured silicone cannula. Unlike typical PVC cannulas, silicone maintains flexibility and stretch even with very low temperatures. Likewise, if you are accustomed to bulky exoskeleton booms, you will also appreciate the work we put into making the adapter from lightweight molded aluminum with a unique patent pending pass-through design that eliminates virtually all of the weight. In other words, the Aithre boom cannula so light and comfortable, you'll forget it is even there - the way it should be.  


The Aithre boom cannula has a unique articulating boom that feels similar to a mic boom. This articulation allows for pinpoint positioning and support of the silicone nasal piece just under the nose without any noticeable pressure on the face or nostrils. The boom itself is long enough to accommodate even the largest noggins, and this is even more so given that the nasal piece can slide to extend or reduce the overall length of the boom. Moreover, the aluminum adapter and ball joint enables pivoting and locking in a myriad of different positions for the perfect placement every time.  


When oxygen is not desired or planned, the aluminum adapter can be pivoted away from the face or the boom can be bent upwards or sideways. This keeps the boom and nasal piece available, but out of sight. If this isn't enough, the adapter pops out with a little pressure after loosening the thumb set screw.  


A custom notch in the knob mount secures the Illyrian oximeter cable to provide tension relief and enable easy under-ear always-on oximetry - to your iOS device, WatchOS device, and all major experimental avionics, such as Garmin G3X, Dynon, and Advanced. The Illyrian oximeter and Shield EX technology are sold separately to support this added safety layer.


The Aithre boom cannula has been tested and works with all of the Aithre portable and built-in smart pulse oxygen systems. Simply cut the silicone cannula to the desired length and push the male CPC type plug into the terminating end of the cannula.     


  • Aithre Boom Adaptor
  • Adaptor Ball Mount
  • Adaptor Screw
  • Adaptor Ball Mounting 3M Tape x2
  • Long Boom Arm (7.5") and nose piece
  • Cannula Tubing 7'

Aithre Boom Cannula and Adaptor Intro Video - YouTube