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Aithre Altus Meso Portable Oxygen Tank Pressure Monitor - With iOS App - Black

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The Altus Meso is the second generation Altus smart tank monitor from Aithre with all the same innovative functionality now packaged in a miniature form factor.  Altus Meso wirelessly pairs to your iOS device and Apple Watch to display pressure, flow rate, and time remaining, including oxygen trend graphing and much more, now using only USB power.  This small device makes your portable oxygen tank more usable and accessible without the expense and hassle of a built-in system.  

Includes high-pressure quick-disconnect sensor, high pressure-rated tee fitting expansion for 1/8" NPT size ports (typical on all oxygen tanks), USB power bank, and iOS/WatchOS app downloadable from the Apple App Store.

Installation is easy.  Just empty your tank and insert the supplied sensor fitting between your tank and the old pressure gauge.   For added convenience, your Altus Meso can come preinstalled with any new Aerox tank for an exclusive low $149.99 upgrade plus the cost of a tank.  Call Aerox for details on this special offer only available with new Aerox tanks.   


  • iOS ENABLED: Includes iOS/WatchOS app with Siri voice notifications via a paired headset
  • PRECISE: Detects pressure changes with a resolution of 10psi between 100-2500 PSI
  • CONSTANT READINGS: Updated pressure readings are sampled every 12 seconds
  • SMART ANALYTICS: Flow rate and time remaining are continuously calculated, and pressure altitude is tracked to recommend altitudes for oxygen use
  • REMINDERS: Get Siri notices when you cross FAA pressure altitude levels or custom selected altitudes, receive a warning when oxygen drops below 500psi, and get a reminder when you land to shutoff flowing oxygen
  • USB POWER: Use the provided USB power bank or a USB aircraft receptacle
  • MANUAL BACKUP: Includes high-pressure tee fitting so you can keep your manual pressure gauge as a backup
  • COMPATIBLE WITH EX 3.0: Put your portable tank PSI wirelessly on your Dynon Skyview, Garmin G3x, and Advanced Flight Systems avionics with the EX 3.0 companion product
  • COMPATIBLE WITH SHIELD AND ILLYRIAN: Use the same app with other Aithre devices to monitor carbon monoxide levels and pilot and passenger blood oxygen levels.

AEROX BUNDLED OPTION: Purchase your Altus pre-installed on a new oxygen tank from Aerox, for an exclusive low price of $149.99 plus the cost of the tank.

FAT SHOULDER PROBLEM: Some tanks require an additional M-F extension to help the tee-fitting clear the tank shoulder.  This fitting is available for purchase separately.