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Aithre Illyrian Smart Oximeter Setup Resources

Aithre Illyrian In-Flight Video 

Aithre Illyrian Tutorial Video

Aithre Illyrian QuickStart Guide

Aithre Illyrian Manual

Aithre Illyrian Datasheet

Aithre Illyrian USB Charger QuickStart Guide

Aithre Illyrian Warranty and FCC Information


Aithre Illyrian Smart Oximeter In-Flight Debriefs

Case Study 1

Case Study 2


Aithre Altus Oxygen Tank Smart Monitor 

Aithre Altus Meso Installation Video

Aithre Altus Meso In-flight Video

Aithre Altus Meso Installation Instructions

Aithre Altus Meso Datahseet

Aithre Altus Installation Instructions

Aithre Altus Datasheet


Aithre Shield eDot 5.0 - FAA Part 23 Approved

eDot Installation Manual

FAA Certification Letter


Aithre Shield 4.0 Portable Smart CO Detector

Aithre Shield 4 Datasheet

Aithre Shield 4 CO Sensor Sensitivity Data

Aithre Shield 4 Instruction Manual

Aithre Shield 4 Warranty Manual


Aithre Shield EX 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 

Aithre Shield EX 1 Datasheet

Aithre Shield EX 2 Datasheet

Aithre Shield EX 3 Datasheet

Aithre Shield EX 1, 2, 3 Quickstart Guide

Aithre Shield EX 1, 2, 3 Installation Instructions

Aithre Shield EX 1, 2, 3 Warranty Manual

Aithre Shield EX 1, 2, 3 Dynon Widget File

Aithre Shield EX 1, 2, 3 CO Sensor Sensitivity Data


Aithre Shield EX Customer Installed Screenshots

G3x CO, Portable Oxygen PSI, and Pilot SPO2

G3x CO

G3x Popup CO Warning on Primary Page

G3x Portable O2

Dynon Skyview CO, Tank PSI, and Pilot SPO2 Widget Operation Video

Dynon Skyview CO

Dynon Skyview Portable O2 PSI

Dynon Skyview Split Screen with Custom CO Indicator

Advanced Flight CO & Portable O2


Aithre Shield EX Customer Write Ups

Bruce Eicher Aithre Shield EX 1.0 RV-7 Install

Chris Stephens Aithre Shield EX 2.0 Carbon Cub Install

Ashley Miller Aithre Shield EX 2.0 RV-10 Install



Testing Aithre CO Detectors with Incense

Aithre CO Detectors vs. DOT Challenge

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