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Aithre Illyrian Smart Oximeter - With iOS App - White

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July 2020 Aviation Consumer Magazine Editor's Choice Award

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The Illyrian smart oximeter is usable in aviation to provide constant, always-on pulse oximeter readings to your iOS device and Apple Watch.  SPO2 readings are obtained using a thin sensor pad worn near the ear or on the forehead and then broadcast wirelessly to your Apple phone, tablet, and watch using the Aithre Connect app.  Additionally, your SPO2 readings are output via your experimental avionics when using the companion product Shield EX 3.0.  Power is provided via USB plug and the included long-lasting portable power bank, for days of constant monitoring.

Use up to 6 Illyrian oximeters simultaneously on the App to monitor you and your passenger SPO2 and BPM data throughout the flight.  Add up to 5 additional Illyrians to your purchase to start monitoring you and all your passengers today.


  • Oximeter sensor with wireless data and USB for power
  • Sport headband for forehead placement
  • Cable wrap for headset placement
  • USB power bank for many days of use
  • Aithre Connect iOS app
  • Aithre Connect WatchOS companion app


  • Continuous SPO2 and BPM 12 hours of trends
  • In-app stored trip history for 3 most recent trips
  • Auto CSV files provided in your iOS FILES app after each trip
  • Siri/popup notifications for drops below 85 and 92 percent SPO2
  • Custom notification level option
  • SPO2 and BPM graphed against pressure altitude
  • Simultaneous app connection to up to 6 Illyrian oximeters
  • Compatible with Aithre Shield CO detectors
  • Compatible with Aithre Altus Meso portable oxygen tank monitor


The Illyrian works in conjunction with the Aithre Shield, Shield EX, and Aithre Altus Meso to provide carbon monoxide and portable tank pressure on the same iOS Aithre Connect application.


The Illyrian works with the Aithre Shield EX 3.0 and communicates pilot blood oxygen levels wirelessly to the EX 3.0.  The EX 3.0 then outputs CO, tank PSI (wirelessly received from the Altus), and pilot SPO2 (wirelessly received from the Illyrian) directly to the avionics via simple analog voltage inputs.  The EX 3.0 is currently fully compatible with Dynon Skyview and Garmin G3x.  Note that Advanced Flight Systems supports only CO and Tank PSI inputs currently and not SPO2.  

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Designed and made in Ketchum, Idaho by pilots (6000 MSL)