Aerox & Aithre Partnership

Aithre is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Aerox.  Under this partnership, Aerox will be the exclusive dealer of the PRE-INSTALLED Altus Meso.  Aerox now offers the Meso preinstalled with every new tank, enabling pilots to see tank pressure on their iOS and Apple Watch even when the tank is out of site.  Additionally, flow rate, time remaining, and other Siri reminders are provided to assist the pilot with oxygen management.  

Aerox customers will receive a special low price for ordering a new tank with the Altus Meso installed.  

The Altus Meso will also be available as a standalone device for easy retrofitting from your favorite Aithre retailer, including, Sporty's, Aircraft Spruce, and Aithre.  In Europe, The Altus Meso is also available at Aithre's online store.