Aithre Illyrian 2 and Potential Partnership Opportunity

Aithre was awarded a spot in the Oshkosh 2019 Innovation Showcase for our groundbreaking technology in the field of health monitoring in flight.  Since that amazing opportunity to display our products, Aithre has continued to pour its resources to push the envelope of possibility.  Recently, our wearable portable oximeter was awarded the 2020 Aviation Consumer Editor's Choice Award.   

In this spirit of innovation and technology development, we are excited to give you a sneak-peak to a new product we are developing: our Illyrian cushion integrated pulse oximeter.  This technology as been awarded a U.S. patent for its novelty and utility, for being entirely self-contained in a cushion.  This new oximeter features dual oximeters to dynamically sample your blood oxygen level from different positions and built-in self-contained processing and wireless communication.  Your blood oxygen level is measured using our ultra-accurate and reliable real-time monitoring and made available on your iOS, WatchOS, and Dynon and G3x avionics.  

The Illyrian 2 is working and fully operational, but Aithre is looking for a partner in the cushion, helmet, or headset space to further collaborate to bring this patented safety technology to the aviation community.  Contact us at if you are that company!