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Aithre Shield EX 3.0 Behind-Panel Carbon Monoxide Detector - Altus/Illyrian Compatible - With iOS App

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Experimental Aircraft Only: The Aithre Shield EX 3.0 is the first behind-the-panel device that puts carbon monoxide readings, pilot SPO2 from your Aithre Illyrian, and portable tank PSI from your Aithre Altus directly on your Dynon SkyView and  Garmin G3X.  Note that Advanced Flight Avionics currently only supports CO and tank PSI outputs.

Features a simple wiring installation, a small footprint, free iOS app, free WatchOS app, and 10 years without recalibration for the CO ppm.

  • VANS RV-12iS, AEROTRONICS, ADVANCED FLIGHT OFFER FACTORY INSTALLATION: Have your EX 3.0 installed with your new RV-12iS from Vans Aircraft or with your panel by Aerotronics and Advanced Flight.
  • ALTUS COMPATIBLE: Wirelessly retrieves tank psi data from the Aithre Altus to allow portable oxygen tank pressure to be provided to your avionics along with carbon monoxide data
  • ILLYRIAN COMPATIBLE.  Wirelessly retrieves pilot blood oxygen levels from the Aithre Illyrian to allow for SPO2 to be provided to your avionics along with carbon monoxide and tank psi data.
  • OUTPUT TO AVIONICS: Simple installation using just five wires - 5v power, ground, analog CO output, analog PSI output, and analog SPO2 output (requires GEA 24 for Garmin or SV-EMS for Dynon and Advanced (Advanced doesn't support SPO2 currently)  
  • iOS and WatchOS APPS: Integrated with the Aithre Connect iOS app to provide discrete and trend CO levels, SPO2 data, and Tank data, plus Siri voice notifications to your headset (when paired to your iOS device)  
  • SENSITIVE AND PRECISION CALIBRATED:  Under 30 second CO sensor response between 0 - 255 ppm  with 1 ppm resolution
  • COMPACT: Measures just 1.97” x 1.97” x 0.67” tall and weighs 1.1 ounces (mounting flange adds .75" to base width) 
  • INTUITIVE GRAPHICAL INDICATION: This device is compatible with iOS, Garmin G3X, Advanced Flight (currently no SPO2), and Dynon Skyview and outputs as an circular dial and trend graph (iOS and WatchOS), a moving bar (G3X), a graphical dial (Dynon and Advanced)
  • TEMPERATURE INDEPENDENT: Internal temperature adjustment circuit that compensates for temperature induced CO reading errors in the CO sensor between -10 C to +50 C
  • NO RECALIBRATION: State-of-the-art CO sensor requires no recalibration for 10 years under normal operating conditions
  • PRESSURE & ALTITUDE INDEPENDENT: The CO detector is not affected by pressure and altitude changes 
  • HAND-CALIBRATED: Every Aithre CO detector is individually calibrated using high precision calibration CO gas and comes with a signed certificate of calibration 
  • 6000 MSL DESIGNED AND ASSEMBLED: Ketchum, Idaho