Aithre Connect App Now Includes Voice Assistant

Newest iOS version 7.5 is packed with features, including the new Aithre Assistant. Get airport frequencies, runway, and airport information simply by asking for it.  The idea is that before you fly or on runup, you can ask for your departure, arrival, and alternate airport so that you have frequency and runway information easily at hand without having to sift through menus to find it.  This keeps you safer by allowing you to spend more time flying the aircraft and less time looking for information.

Another safety feature included is the nearest airport function.  The app automatically loads all the airports between your departure and arrival destinations and provides you the nearest airport during flight.  All the available information on that airport is provided to you so that you can make a quick diversion if needed.  You can even drag the slider bars for runway length/width, and repair or oxygen services to filter out the nearest airports.

This feature is available as an upgrade with or without any of our other Aithre hardware products for $9.99/YR.