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Aithre Shield 4.0 Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector (Gen 2) - With iOS App - White

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This is the second generation Shield 4.0 and includes 3.5X battery life, a louder audible warning speaker, and control of the light indicator via the iOS app.  We've also added history tracking and exportable CSV files saved automatically to your iOS FILES folder after every trip.  These features plus the 10 years no recalibration, fidelity to 1ppm, response time under 30 seconds, rechargeability, and iOS/WatchOS app make this CO detector the safest option.

  • SENSITIVE: Under 30 second sensor response between 0 - 255 ppm with 1 ppm resolution
  • iOS & WatchOS: Support: Aithre Connect App for your phone and Apple Watch integrated, providing discrete and 4 hr history trend data plus popup and Siri notifications to your headset (when paired) when threshold CO levels are crossed
  • HISTORY STORED: Tracks your history within the app and automatically creates a CSV file in your iOS FILES app after every trip
  • USE WITH ALTUS AND ILLYRIAN: Access portable oxygen tank psi, flow rate, time remaining, as well as pilot and passenger pulse oximetry data on the same iOS and WatchOS app when used with the Aithre Altus and Aithre Illyrian products. 
  • INTUITIVE COLOR INDICATOR: Regular pulse of blue, amber, or red to visually indicate carbon monoxide ranges without the iOS app, controllable pulse/off/steady via the app
  • AUDIBLE WARNING: Loud audio tone triggered above 50 ppm to warn of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide
  • TEMPERATURE INDEPENDENT: Internal temperature adjustment circuit that compensates for temperature induced errors in the sensor between -10 C to +50 C
  • COMPACT: Measures just 2 inches tall and weighs about an ounce
  • NO RECALIBRATION: State-of-the-art fuel cell electrochemical sensor requires no recalibration for 10 years under normal operating conditions
  • PRESSURE & ALTITUDE INDEPENDENT: The detector is not affected by pressure and altitude changes 
  • RECHARGEABLE: Includes custom charger that duals as a mount with extended battery life of around 40 hours
  • CLIP MOUNTED: Includes 2 custom clips for easy mounting in various locations like your aircraft and hangar
  • HAND-CALIBRATED: Every Aithre detector is individually calibrated using high precision calibration CO gas and comes with a signed certificate of calibration
Designed and made in Ketchum, Idaho by pilots (6000 MSL)