We are almost ready to release our single place Aithre Avi smart pulse system.  The 1-place Avi is the little brother to the 2-place Avi8, but otherwise shares the same smart on-demand microburst technology, iOS app, and biometric feedback.  Our initial testing is demonstrating over 4 hours of use at 10k MSL when using the Illyrian oximeter.

The Avi is powered with USB and includes a built-in Meso for wireless pressure monitoring. Operation is simple - one line connects to the oxygen bottle and the other line connects to the cannula.  Plug it into power and start breathing.  

While the device can operate without the Aithre Connect app, it is much more efficient at conserving oxygen when used with the free iOS app.  And, it is even more efficient when the Illyrian oximeter is used.  The app provides flow rate and pressure information, with regular Siri callouts for blood oxygen levels.  Additionally, the app enables smart on/off of oxygen such that the oxygen flow starts and stops automatically at user-defined parameters for altitude, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and carbon monoxide.  

The on-demand features micro pulsing of oxygen over the critical inhalation segment, for a series of smaller bursts with each inhalation.  This is smoother and more efficient delivery of conserved oxygen.  And, more sensitive to breathing that older technology because of our use of optical flow sensor technology.  

The bottle regulator includes a backup built-in constant flow meter for 0-25LPM selection, in the event of any failure.  Additionally, the fill port is a standard CGA-540 that is used by most every FBO for transfilling.

Email or call us today to reserve your spot for this initial upcoming release.