New Exclusive South American Aithre Dealer/Installer - AeroLite of Columbia

We are pleased to announce an exclusive arrangement with our new South American dealer and installer, AeroElite out of Columbia.  AeroElite is also a dealer for the Ekolot line of aircraft and is founded and operated by Mauro Castaño.  Mauro is a super-achiever high energy pilot and also a cosmetic dentist who owns an Ekolot Topaz and sells them throughout South America.  

Mauro has already installed two of our AVI8 2-place smart pulse oxygen systems into the Ekolot aircraft at the aircraft factory in Poland.  He will be bringing this knowledge and experience to our customers in South America to sell, support, and install the Aithre technology for all types of personal aircraft.

You can reach Mauro and Aeroelite using the website or phone at +573113678926.