AVI8 Smart Oxygen System Finally Fully Installed in our RV-10

The O2 button is finally fully installed in our experimental RV-10 to enable push button activation of the smart oxygen control system located in the baggage compartment.  This is only a 4 conductor wire and a hole in the panel, but the work involved to cleanly route wiring from the panel to the baggage compartment is no small feat.  We had been doing all our testing with wires through the cabin, but finally we had to roll up the sleeves and make it formal.  It took a few nights to pull all the paneling, remove the seats, and route the wire, but it was worth it because now I can simply push the button to activate the oxygen without having to worry about turning the valve on during flight.  

Here are a few pics of the installation process and you can see a Midwest Panel Builders / Sling TSi Installation video here