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925L Bottle with Adjustable Constant Flow Regulator and Altus Meso

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The Aithre oxygen bottle is constructed from lightweight composite carbon fiber with an aluminum lining and is engineered to contain very high-pressure oxygen to help you get higher with more energy, increased performance, and faster recoveries.  The Aithre oxygen bottle is 100% refillable - locally or via the mail - and is capable of providing pure oxygen for up to 15.4 hours at the higher flow rate of 1.0 LPM due to a high pressure rating.  Each Aithre oxygen bottle includes the bottle itself, an easy-operate regulator, the Aithre cannula, a preinstalled Aithre Meso wireless pressure monitor for iOS/WatchOS, and 925L of 99.99% oxygen.

We designed the Aithre bottle to be simple to operate with a combined valve/regulator that offers one-step operation.  Simply turn one knob to select flow rates between 0-25LPM to start and stop the oxygen delivery.  For added convenience and safety, the regulator is protected by a metal safety shroud that also serves as a convenient handle or tie-down point.  

The Aithre Altus Meso is preinstalled to supplement a manual, yet modern and touch gauge.  The Meso allows you to keep track of your oxygen use and manage the flow throughout your trip using your iOS and WatchOS device.  You no longer need to remove your bottle from your pack to monitor your oxygen use.    

Each Aithre bottle comes with the Uni-flo2 cannula.  The Uni-flo2 cannula is an innovative single-prong nasal cannula that can be inserted in one nostril for comfortable easy application.  A unique copper wire insert within the tubing adds conformability and shape memory comfort.  We've tested the Uni-flo2 to 15k MSL on a single nostril with SPO2 rates above 92%.


  • Carbon fiber/aluminum bottle
  • Easy-operate regulator with simple on-off operation and adjustable flow 0-25LPM (minimum flow is 1 LPM)
  • Aithre Altus Meso wireless pressure gauge for iOS / WatchOS
  • Unif-flo2 Cannula
  • 925L oxygen


  • Carbon fiber & aluminum construction
  • 6.2 inches x 25.5 inches overall
  • 12.2 lbs empty
  • 925L oxygen volume @ 2000 PSI (6.8L liquid volume)
  • 3000 PSI maximum rating
  • 10 year bottle service life
  • Selectable flow rate 1 LPM - 25 LPM Liters Per Minute (LPM)
  • Hose barb for one cannula
  • Pressure gauge with one-piece brass construction
  • Aithre Altus Meso wireless gauge for iOS/WatchOS

NOTICE: Our products are not suitable for medical treatment and have not been evaluated by the FDA for treating or preventing any health condition or disease.  Our products are not suitable for coronavirus treatment.  All Aithre products have been designed and engineered solely for active and healthy individuals for high altitude training, sport, and wellness.