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Aithre Metis In-Flight Weather Beacon

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Metis extends Aithre's oxygen monitoring technology to in-flight atmospheric conditions.  Using a single under the wing elegant probe, the Metis provides real-time temperature, humidity, and dewpoint readings, enabling you to monitor for icing and cloud levels relative to your aircraft. 

Analog outputs are provided for temp, dewpoint, and humidity, allowing universal input to your EFIS, such as Dynon and the G3x, or any other engine monitoring type avionics system.  Moreover, the Metis is enabled for wireless communication to the Aithre Connect iOS app to put the same data on your Apple device.  When using the Aithre Connect app, the Metis provides real-time estimations of relative cloud bases and freezing levels based on standard lapse rates relative to the aircraft. 


  • ATMOSPHERIC IN-FLIGHT DATA: Temperature, humidity, and dewpoint in a single probe
  • STAINLESS STEEL HOUSING:  Housing includes stainless steel housing with a sintered mesh filter for protected breathability
  • SMALL JUNCTION BOX: A remote small junction box connected by 3 meters of cable allows for behind-the-panel mounting of the electronics
  • ANALOG OUTPUTS: Three analog outputs are available for each of temperature, dewpoint, and humidity allowing for universal connection to most engine monitoring systems
  • iOS/WatchOS: Auto-pairing wireless connection to the iOS Aithre Connect app enabling monitoring of atmospheric conditions
  • FREEZING AND CLOUD BASES: Aithre Connect app provides real-time estimations of cloud bases and freezing levels relative to the aircraft using standard lapse rates
  • CARB ICE RISK: Carbeurator icing risk level is automatically determined in the Aithre Connect app using the trifecta of temperature, humidity, and dewpoint data
  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT: The Aithre Connect app anonymously shares temperature, dewpoint, and humidity data for your GPS positions with the Aithre pilot community 

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