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47L Bottle with Adjustable Constant Flow Regulator and Altus Meso

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The Aithre personal oxygen bottle is constructed from lightweight composite carbon fiber with an aluminum lining and is designed for private aviation. Offering a 2000 PSI working pressure, simple on-off gauge, and an adjustable flow regulator, this bottle is ideal for pilots in private GA aircraft with flow rates as high as 25LPM.  

Small enough and light enough to fit in your flight bag, the Aithre oxygen bottle is refillable and can store 47L of compressed oxygen at 2000 PSI. This is 2 hours of continuous flow at 0.5LPM. Less duration will be observed at higher flow rates and higher duration will be observed at lower flow rates.

This oxygen bottle package includes the bottle itself, an easy-operate Aithre adjustable flow regulator with the Altus Meso smart wireless pressure sensor, a silicone cannula, and a sporty Aithre neoprene tote bag. 

The Aithre cannula is 100% pure silicone and very soft. This cannula will not stiffen, crack, or kink with low temperatures and is extremely comfortable to wear, making it ideal for high altitude flights or storage in cold environments.

The Aithre adjustable flow regulator is a unique combined regulator-valve with a simple dial flow adjuster from 0 to 25LPM. The regulator includes a standard CGA-540 fill port, but it is one-way and doesn't require removal of any parts to fill. An elegant metal handle provides enhanced protection against impact. There are two output ports on the handle. The first output port is a hose barb quick connect that allows for a first level of flow setting (e.g. 0.5-25 LPM) with an easy direct cannula connection. The second output port is an always-on bypass quick connect plug for use with a MH-3 flow meter to allow for additional fine tune adjustment of the constant flow rate (sold separately).

The regulator includes the standard pressure gauge, and also the Aithre Altus Meso wireless tank pressure gauge for use with the Aithre Connect app. This provides 0-2500 PSI readings to your iOS device in increments of 10PSI to permit monitoring of your oxygen bottle. The PSI can be displayed on your Garmin G3x or Dynon Skyview when using the companion Aithre Shield EX 3.0 carbon monoxide detector.

The Aithre carbon fiber bottle comes with CE certification to ISO 11119-3 safety standards. It is extremely lightweight with the combined bottle and regulator weighing just over 2 lbs. (most of the weight is attributed to the regulator itself).  The bottle features a high gloss finish and grey color that pops.  


    • Carbon fiber/aluminum bottle 
    • Easy-operate Aithre adjustable flow regulator with simple 0-25LPM dial control, hose barb, direct access quick connect port, built-in valve, and one-way standard CGA-540 fill port
    • Silicone cannula  
    • Altus Meso smart pressure gauge
    • Aithre USB Power Supply
    • Aithre neoprene carrying bag


      • No oxygen is contained in the bottle when shipped
      • Fill yourself using transfilling equipment or at an FBO using standard CGA-540 fill port


      • Carbon fiber & aluminum construction
      • 2.5 inches x 13 inches overall
      • 3 lbs. (filled) 
      • 47 L oxygen volume @ 2000 PSI (0.36 L liquid volume)
      • 2 hours continuous flow time @ 0.5 LPM
      • 2000 PSI working pressure
      • 3000 PSI maximum rating
      • 15 year bottle service life (retesting every 5 years)
      • Adjustable flow rate 0-25LPM
      • Hose barb primary quick connect for standard cannula
      • Quick connect plug for MH-3 flow meter (sold separately)
      • Wireless & manual pressure gauge


        • CE Certificate: Bottle certified CE 1282 and inspected/tested to ISO11119-3 international standards
        • NOT DOT approved: Carrier shipment in the U.S. requires the bottle to be empty with no pressure and no compressed oxygen
        • Personal portable use only - not approved for commercial use
        • Not approved for commercial flight: No gas cylinder of any type can be carried or checked on commercial flights with very limited exceptions
        • Not FDA approved for medical: Do not use to treat or prevent a disease or for any medical purpose.  

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