Why Aithre Oxygen Bottles Are So Exciting

Why Aithre Oxygen Bottles Are So Exciting

Having flown across the country multiple times in both directions, I'm a big proponent of oxygen use.  In fact, I've outfitted my RV-10 with a built-in oxygen system and own multiple portable tanks.  However, I've regularly encountered situations where I was unprepared for oxygen use because I didn't plan on the need for it.  For instance, I've encountered poor weather that has required a climb or been given a higher altitude by ATC than I planned for.  Because the larger oxygen tanks take space, weight, and expense to haul around, I sometimes leave the tank behind and regret it when faced with these unplanned altitude requirements.  We are talking about 10k-12k range where I know that oxygen isn't technically required, but is still a good idea.  

With the Aithre oxygen bottles, oxygen is always available to you in a pinch.  At only 1lb 14 ounces full, one easily fits in a back back or side pouch on the plane and can be used for 2 hours of preset flow with a simple dial rotation.  We customized the bottle and the regulator to fit exactly what pilots and passengers need - about 0.5 LPM of flow with only a single on-off knob.  The customization goes further with a simple one-way valve fill port that fits Aerox standard transfilling equipment.  

The Aithre oxygen bottles are also useful for refreshing prior to an approach or after a stressful flight condition.  Users of our highly sensitive constant monitoring Illyrian oximeter know that blood oxygen levels can quickly deteriorate when pilots hold their breath while focusing or when at altitudes of just 5-10k MSL.  

Filling the Aithre oxygen bottle takes approximately 1 minute using another portable oxygen tank and consumes only about $0.50 - $1.00 in oxygen for 120 minutes of constant or intermittent flow.  Check out our easy step by step filling instructions here.

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