How to Fill Your Aithre Oxygen Bottle Yourself

How to Fill Your Aithre Oxygen Bottle Yourself

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If you have another portable oxygen tank, such as one from Aerox, Mountain High, or Precise Flight, you can use that tank to fill your Aithre Bottle.  All that is needed is a transfilling hose from Aerox and the 3/8"-24 Aerox adaptor. 

The idea with transfilling is just hooking up two tanks and allowing pressure from one to transfer to another.  With the Aithre bottle, you simply hook one end of the Aerox hose to our customized one-way easy fill port and the other end to your portable oxygen tank.  Open the valve slowly from your portable oxygen tank and allow the oxygen to expand into your Aithre bottle.  Turn the valve off on your portable oxygen tank and disconnect - and you are done.

The Aithre bottle is only 0.36L in volume, so you can get a lot of fills from even a mid size portable oxygen tank.  For even more, you can get an aviation oxygen cylinder delivered from your local gas company to supercharge your refilling.  Typically, the gas from one large cylinder can fill about 120 Aithre bottles for an average of $100.  The large cylinders can be rented or purchased.  Some pilots use welding gas, and while theoretically the same as ABO gas, the difference is that there is more potential for contamination of the welding gas with different toxic gases used in welding. 

For about $0.50-$1.00 in gas, you can get 2 hours of constant or intermittent flow from your Aithre bottle for those times where you don't need your larger portable tank.  This can be a backup for a flight or used for trip where oxygen use is not anticipated but may be required.  So portable, you can fit it in your bush plane for high altitude Colorado, Utah, and Idaho backcountry excursions.  And, you can take it home for personal non-aviation use.  

Check out our filling instructions here and for more information.

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