Oxygen and Your Next Adventure

The next time the mountains are calling for your next adventure, thinking about taking some portable oxygen with you. Many of us who journey to the snowy peaks for skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and so many other wonderful activities can be left struggling with the altitude. Activities can become more challenging as we approach 8,000k and above, with symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, nausea and fatigue can affect the traveler.  At 10,000 feet, research shows that 75% of people will experience mild levels of altitude sickness.

Altitude Sickness 

As altitude increases the air pressure decreased and the oxygen molecules spread out making less molecules available to breath in.  As you go up in altitude you start to feel more shortness of breath and fatigued. While hiking or skiing you may feel more winded in altitude, and recover less quickly. Acclimatization is how alpinist help their bodies adjust to the decrease in available oxygen, but most people who are out on the trail aren’t planning to stay for the days to weeks it can take for ones body to adjust to the new elevation. This is where oxygen can help alleviate the effects of altitude sickness.

Altitude Explained        Image credit by REI

Portable oxygen can help reduce the effects of altitude sickness, while being lightweight and portable.  As new products are hitting the market, more people are enjoying the benefits of having a portable non-medical option to grab for their next trip. Also, are the positive reviews from users, reporting instant relief of altitude fatigue and windedness allowing them to get back to enjoying the trail.

Skiing with Oxygen 

Aithre Aviation has put out a new upcoming product that is going to change to the scene of portable aviation and recreational oxygen. Aithre Air, 99.99% aviator's oxygen in an ultra-light carbon fiber bottle with aluminum liner and earth-friendly reusable/refillable. The small light weight bottle easily fits inside your backpack, flight bag or even inside some coat pockets, making it easy to take along up in the air, on the mountain, or down the trail or slopes of your next adventure. We offer unique Uni-Flo cannula as well as the most comfortable duel prong cannula on the market making delivery hands-free. Refill at your local FBO or at the local store in Ketchum, Idaho. We also offer a really comfortable continuous wearable oximeter, the Illyrian as well as a portable oxygen bottle monitor, the Meso for upgrades to accompany bottles. Visit our website www.aithreaviation.com or www.aithreair.com for more information and resources. 


Aithre Air Oxygen Bottle 

Jessica Stephens, BSN, avid hiker, climber and trail runner.