New Aithre Suite Diagram

New Aithre Suite Diagram

Jessica and Zuzana have designed a new product suite diagram that helps current and new customers understand how their health technology and oxygen products fit within our larger paradigm.  Sometimes, it also helps us keep track of where things fit in as well!

As you can see from the diagram, there are a few new product additions and subtractions.  Notably, the Aithre Shield EX 1.0 has been retired and we've sold our last EX 1.0 to a lucky customer in Canada.  This product was our first installed experimental CO detector and it is bittersweet to let it go, but we have to focus on integration with the ecosystem to maximize the safety of our products.  The EX 1.0 did not have wireless capability and was not able to connect to the network to facilitate the advanced smart functions we need to provide.  Now, customers will have either the EX 2.0 or the EX 3.0 to select from for experimental installed CO with avionics integration.  Both of these have wireless capability and the EX 3.0 has the additional ability to provide SPO2 and CO obtained wirelessly from our other devices to the avionics via analog outputs.

Some additions to the health ecosystem include the new Avi64EX dual bottle installed oxygen system and the Avi8 portable flow control with smart pulse (beta).  The Avi64EX includes a large bottle and a small bottle and enables smart switching between the two, auto modes to flow oxygen above altitudes or below spo2 values, with in-app control and flow monitoring.  This is intended for experimental aircraft that want the benefits of built-in oxygen and the convenience of portable oxygen bottles.  

The Avi8 is our battery operated electronic oxygen flow control device with smart pulse technology.  This is a new design and currently in beta, but we will be showing it off at Sun N Fun.  The product provides push button oxygen control with in-app flow monitoring and automatic flow based on spo2, heart rate, altitude, and carbon monoxide - plus smart pulsing to extend the life of the 4 Lb 152L bottle to up to 18hrs.  The technology is working, but we want to do more testing and refinement before its final release.  

Lastly, we have the new carbon fiber bottles that have been featured on the cover of the recent issue of Aviation Consumer April 2021.  The small 47L ones are designed to supplement oxygen use during stressful periods of flight and up to 15k MSL.  We have 152L bottles that provide 6 hrs of flow with both fixed flow and adjustable flow options.  While the 925L bottle is depicted, this very large carbon fiber bottle is only available with the Avi64EX built-in system and provides a solution for large capacity and lightweight XC supplemental oxygen.