Aithre Altus Avi64EX Semi-Built-In Oxygen System

Aithre Altus Avi64EX Semi-Built-In Oxygen System

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We brought the new Altus AVI64EX dual bottle system to Sun N Fun and it received surprising amounts of attention.  Midwest Panels deserves credit for pushing us to do a dual bottle with auto switching for backup and they will be offering the first install to a Sling TSI customer in about a month.  Here is a wonderful introduction video put together by Adam and Steve there who do amazing work with Sling and other panels using the Garmin suite.

There are a number of exciting features in the AVI64EX system.  Primarily, what gets most people stoked is the G3X and Dynon compatibility using analog outputs.  If you've got an available analog input pin (or 4), you can output one or more of flow rate, tank PSI, standby tank PSI, and standby tank status.  Additionally, we've got the custom O2 push button back lit for clean panel mounted activation of the oxygen.  

If those features alone weren't enough for you to lean in, there is more.  The system has two bottles - one 925L and one 152L.  Both composite carbon fiber and designed for baggage area mounting.  The AVI64EX control box accepts plumbing from each bottle and monitors pressure and flow rate to automatically switch between the bottles when the primary is low or empty.  The plumbing then gets routed behind the paneling to each place where oxygen is desired, where chrome plated brass quick connect plugs are available for the cannulas.  A completely redundant backup line with check valves is provided with a manual butterfly valve to enable the oxygen flow to bypass the AVI64EX electronics in the event of any issue.

The AVI64EX can be controlled in the app with an auto mode that switches the valve on and off automatically based on parameters set for pilot SPO2, heart rate, carbon monoxide, or pressure altitude.  That is, the Shield carbon monoxide detectors, the Illyrian pulse oximeter are compatible with and inform the operation of the oxygen system.

While we don't have pulse demand available yet for the AVI64EX, it is compatible with the Mountain High O2D1 and O2D2 portable on demand systems, when the step down 50PSI to 20PSI inline regulator is installed at the station.  The lower PSI is required to use the O2D1 and O2D2, but otherwise, they would operate normally.  Aithre is a Mountain High dealer and can include any MH product with the AVI64EX system.

Lastly, the AVI64EX includes the Shield EX 3.0 and the award winning Illyrian oximeter, balancing it out as a complete hypoxia solution.  All plumbing, fittings, bottles, regulators, cannulas are included as well, with the exception of any extra MH pulse demand options desired.  It is compatible with 4 place or 2 place experimental aircraft only at this time.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us or Midwest Panels who will be doing the installs of the first systems and also offering a retrofit installation service.