New 2 & 4 Place Built-In Smart Oxygen Systems

New 2 & 4 Place Built-In Smart Oxygen Systems

Aithre is doing final testing of our two and four place built-in smart oxygen systems, the AVI32EX and AVI64EX.  These build upon our popular 2 place semi-built-in portable systems, but add a few important features.

  • One control box, 2 (AVI32EX) or 4 places (AVI64EX)
  • RS-232 output with full health panel and oxygen flow information
    • Pilot and 3 pax SPO2, HR, respiration, flow rate
  • Discrete pin low for pilot flow fault to EFIS
  • Independent bottle backup with continuous flow
  • Ship 12V-14V power
  • Remote fill port
  • Option to make oxygen bottle removable for portable fills

Additionally, the systems will continue to incorporate technology that has made the portable versions an Editor's Choice Award recipient for Aviation Consumer Magazine 2022.

  • Respiration detection based on optical flow instead of pressure
  • Remote located control box relative to the stations
  • Illuminated panel mounted push button with alert modes
  • Micro-burst smooth delivery of oxygen on demand with each inhalation
  • iOS integration
  • Biometric feedback and control
  • Auto-modes with control based on altitude, heart rate, SPO2, and carbon monoxide
  • Emergency modes

We have a list of customers interested in purchasing these when they are available.  The expected delivery dates will be March 2022.  Please email or call us if you are interested in being notified.