Aithre Founder Jim Ruttler @ NWAC Forums

This year Jim will be improving the presentation on hypoxia above 8K feet with a review of a 25 year old study from the FAA.  This study offers statistically significant evidence that mild hypoxia at 8-12k MSL has a detrimental effect on pilot ability and cognition.  

This popular forum has, for the past three years, focused on the exponential impact of low oxygen on the pilot at altitudes above 8k MSL.  The hemoglobin binding curve and case studies, including live ATC audio, have been used to support the risks associated with mid altitude flights.  

However, this newly discovered FAA report offers even further evidence of the dangers to pilots flying at relatively low altitudes.  All pilots who fly or plan to fly ta 8K and above should attend this forum to learn more about this insidious risks and how to mitigate them.

Seminar is Saturday at 2:15 in the Heritage Room at the NWAC in Puyallup, Feb 26th.