Aithre Avi8 with Electronic Oxygen Flow Control and Smart Pulse

Aithre Avi8 with Electronic Oxygen Flow Control and Smart Pulse

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The time has arrived and we are leaving in person for Sun N Fun this weekend.  We are excited to be exhibiting and talking face to face with customers after over a year hiatus.  While we have been isolated, the work has continued to improve our health technology and we are pumped to be featuring some new products.

One of the products we will be debuting is the new Avi8 portable electronic oxygen flow control system with smart pulse, currently in Beta.  This product provides push button on-off oxygen control with in-app features such as auto modes that factor in pilot SPO2, heart rate, carbon monoxide, and pressure altitude to turn oxygen on and off.  Additionally, the Avi8 has smart pulse technology that uses a high sensitivity optical flow sensor to deliver oxygen on inhalation - extending the life of the 4 Lb 152L bottle to up to 18 hours.  


aithre connect app with smart pulse oxygen control


In the above image, the app provides selection for opening the valve and auto mode.  The link indicator provides assurance that the Avi8 has confirmed the settings displayed on the app.


The auto mode settings are available for selection, when the applicable Aithre device is present.  Here the smart pulse can be selected along with automatic openings for altitude, heart rate, spo2, and co levels - to provide oxygen delivery when you need it.  The spo2, heart rate, and co options are greyed out indicating that the Aithre Illyrian and Shield devices are not paired.


aithre connect trend graphing of flow rate with respiration rate

Finally, the graph provides trend details for respiration rate, flow rate, oxygen PSI, and pilot SPO2 so that all the most important information is intuitively available in a single place.  

Stop by and visit us for more information on the Avi8 currently in Beta.