Customer Illyrian Data In Flight

Customer Illyrian Data In Flight

We recently had an ER physician and Mooney pilot - no names, but how many can there be - buy our whole product suite.  Despite having won runner-up product of the year for Aviation Consumer magazine - behind the Garmin Auto Land (how can you beat that) - we were still a bit nervous to have the doc using our oximeter.  

Within a week, our emails lit up with in flight pics that put our minds at ease.  The Illyrian had passed his approval with flying colors.  You can see from this inflight picture that he captured over an hour of flight time without a single dropped 12 second measurement of bpm and spo2.  The trend information is super interesting, as we've seen many times before, with climbing to 8k feet MSL resulting in oximeter values hugging the high eighties.  

The graph also shows how your heart rate spikes at different times during the flight, as here where it appears there could have been a little adrenaline right before beginning the descent.  SPO2 values decreased there along with a surge in heart rate to a 115 bpm.  

The finger pulse ox is all over the map in other pictures he shared and must be worn on the finger.  However, our Illyrian is worn on the forehead or under the ear resulting in no lost readings even when at the controls or running the radios.  

Thanks doc and see you at SNF.