A Pilot Passed Out While Flying an F-15 Over Oregon

F-15 C

In late March of 2019, in a military operating area over Oregon, a student pilot and instructor were conducting a two-aircraft training mission on basic fighter maneuvers. Each Aviator was in their own F-15C jet. It was early afternoon, and the aircraft were at about 18,000 feet. The student made a turn, and during that maneuver, began to experience G-forces. About six seconds into that turn, those Gs caused blood to travel downwards from the pilot's head, and the student passed out.

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The incident of how often pilots pass out has increased slightly over the past years, with an average on about 7 G-induced loss of consciousness, or GLOC. Aithre is working hard to help find solutions to the increased and realized need for health monitoring throughout aviation, beginning with our Aithre suite of products for pulse oximeter- Illyrian, carbon monoxide detectors-Aithre Shield 4.0, Aithre Shield EX, and oxygen tank pressure monitor-Altus