Aithre Turbo 2-Year Service

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Aithre Turbo 2-Year Service

Sale price$895.00

This is a 2-year service for United States based customers only. 

A complete list of Worldwide authorized service centers is available under the main menu of our website.  

The Aithre Turbo Oxygen Maker includes a consumable set of sieve columns with integrated flow control solenoids and a controller circuitry, which are rated for 2000 hours or 2 years, whichever comes first.  

The Aithre Turbo 2-year service includes replacement of the sieve columns, solenoids, and control circuitry, in addition to a multi-point service check for wiring, electronics, concentration, and flow rate.  

Upon purchase of the Aithre Turbo 2-year service, you will be provided with a UPS prepaid shipping label.  Use the mailing label to return the Aithre Turbo housing for service.