Aithre Connect iOS and WatchOS App


The Aithre Connect iOS and WatchOS companion app is available for free from the Apple App Store.  The app works on iPhone versions 7 and above, iPad, and Apple Watch version 3 and above.


  • Auto pairing technology
  • Split-screen enabled for iPad to enable use with EFB
  • Summary of health, oxygen, carbon monoxide, temperature/dewpoint environmental data obtained from Aithre devices
  • Control over smart pulse and oxygen auto mode with AVI8 device
  • Trend and discrete outputs of data
  • Custom & preset Siri notifications for altitude, CO, SPO2, PSI, and oxygen flow
  • Auto sharing of turbulence and temp/dew spread in flight when app open and Aithre devices connected
  • FAA and Aithre community PIREP consolidation with SIRI notifications
  • Decision making support with nearest airport and ATIS information and speech-based custom checklists
  • Speech-based airport frequency and ATIS readback
  • In-app trip histories for CO and SPO2/BPM
  • Auto-saved CSV files for history CO and SPO2/BPM
  • Up to 6 passenger monitoring of SPO2/BPM
  • Control over eDOT and Shield 4.0 2nd generation light indicators
  • Control over notifications and repeat intervals


The Aithre AVI8 is a push button electronic smart oxygen control valve for your Aithre bottles.  Turn on and turn off your Aithre bottle with a handheld or panel mounted button and use the iOS app to automatically set oxygen to come on and off based on user definable levels of blood oxygen, carbon monoxide, heart rate, and altitude values.  Enable smart pulse with dynamic pulse adjustments tuned to your pressure altitude and respiration rate for 7X oxygen savings.  Get real-time SIRI notifications when oxygen flow has stopped and started and monitor flow rate.


All Shield 2.0, 3.0, eDot, and 4.0 models pair to provide real-time carbon monoxide levels from 0-255ppm with a resolution of 1ppm.  Trend data is plotted against heat, speed, and altitude and is saved automatically in CSV files for easy analysis.  Set custom Siri notification and receive audible warnings via your paired headset at 2ppm, 10ppm, and 50ppm, or a user defined level.  


The Illyrian pairs to provide real-time blood oxygen and pulse rate information.  Trends in oximeter and pulse are plotted over time versus altitude.  Use up to 6 Illyrians in parallel to monitor all passengers during flight.  Set custom Siri notification for low blood oxygen and get default notifications for crossing below 92%, or any user defined level.  Trend data is saved automatically in CSV files for easy analysis.


The Altus Meso pairs to provide real-time oxygen tank pressure, flow rate, and time remaining information for your portable oxygen tank.  See your oxygen use over time with trend graphing over 12 hours.  Monitors pressure altitude and provides custom Siri warnings when you cross above a pressure altitude or FAA required altitudes.  Detects when you land and provides Siri reminder to shutoff your tank to conserve oxygen automatically upon landing.


The Metis pairs to provide in flight outside air information including temperature, humidity, and dewpoint information.  Plots your temp, dew, and humidity on a trend graph relative to altitude.  Provides real-time cloud location, freezing levels relative to your aircraft.  

The Metis also broadcasts your weather detected in flight anonymously to all other Aithre users to help with pre-flight planning and risk analysis.  


Supports speech based requests for airports and frequencies.  Load your departure, destination, and alternate airports and get quick access to frequencies and runway information.  Nearest airports are provided enroute automatically and can be filtered for services and runway length/width. 


Get ATC pireps and Aithre community weather and turbulence all in one central location.  Automatically get notifications of altitudes with smooth rides, rough air, and cloud bases and tops.


Where is the app data stored and how do I export the data?

CO data and pilot oximeter data is automatically saved in your Apple iOS Files app that is native to your phone/tablet, under the Aithre Connect folder that is automatically created for you. Each time the app is closed and reopened the previous data is saved. You can find and export the trip data here:

app data save and export

Additionally within the app you can find data from your last 3 flights under the "History" tab. You can scroll through the 3 flights by tapping on the date:

History Tab last 3 trips