Official Sponsor of the Thunder Mustang Air Racing Team!

Aithre is proud to be an official sponsor of the Thunder Mustang Racing Team, which is getting ready for the big STIHL National Championship Air Races and Air Show hosted in Reno, NV, Sept 11th - 15th! The Thunder Mustang Air Racing Team will be racing with our flagship, Aithre Shield 4.0, portable carbon monoxide detector. The Aithre product suite will be showcased at the VIP Lounge located within the Aero 51 Hangar - with one of the best views of the races and shows! Join the Thunder Mustang Air Racing Team at Reno and see how we are helping to monitor health in flight, and helping you to Fly Safer! 

          Thunder Mustang Air Racing

Let's Meet The Mustang Racing Team!



                                     P E T E R  B A LME R - R A C E 6 7              

Swiss Alps rescue helicopter pilot and owner of two tourism companies, Scenic Air and Skydive Switzerland, Peter is competitive to the core. He is also an expert mountain climber of the Alps, Andes & Himalayas, record setting paragliding test pilot, and flyer of humanitarian missions in Nepal. In his 2014 race debut, he placed 3rd in Sport Gold with Swiss Thunder.



                                       MA T H I A S  H A I D - R A C E 1 5 1

Globetrotting Lufthansa airline pilot originally from Sweden, now living in Austria.Mathias’ good nature and self determination to learn from the best earned him the 2017 Sport Rookie of the Year Award. He flies faster every year with international team support. As a nod to WWII history, he races Class Thunder in the classic P-51Mustang fighter plane colors.