Aithre Bottle 152L - 3lbs / 6 hrs flow time at 0.5LPM

New Addition to Aithre Bottles - 152L

We have an exciting announcement to make as the first batch of 152L size super portable oxygen bottle are completed and will be available for shipment in less than 2 weeks.  These bottles complement our 47L bottles in the new class of mini oxygen bottles that fit in your flight bag and provide a convenient source of supplemental oxygen.

The 152L bottle is approximately 4.5" x 13" with the regulator and weighs just 3lbs full.  When filled, the bottle provides just over 6 hours of flow at 0.5LPM.  The Aithre bottles are available with MH regulators as an upgrade option to allow for use with existing MH pulse demand and flow regulated cannulas.  

All the Aithre bottles are designed for self-filling using the customer Aithre-MH transfilling hose, available for just $195 retail.  Use another larger aviation portable tank that you fill at an FBO as a supply source to any Aithre bottle for efficient filling.

We have just 50 of these bottles on the way and already have interest in them, so let us know if you want more information.