Introducing Metis: In-Flight Weather Beacon

Introducing Metis: In-Flight Weather Beacon

Aithre is continuing to innovate and is excited to introduce our next product, an on-board weather system for experimental aircraft.  This small elegant stainless steel/sintered probe is mounted on the underside of a wing or stabilizer to sample in-flight temperature, humidity, and dewpoint.  The data is captured and provided in real-time to your avionics via simple analog outputs and to your iOS device within the Aithre Connect app.  

Within the Aithre Connect iOS app, the temperature, dewpoint, and humidity are constantly analyzed to provide cloud bases, freezing level relative to your aircraft and also provide warnings regarding the risk of carb ice.

Moreover, your anonymous weather data is broadcast to other Aithre app users in real-time to help benefit the community of general aviation pilots with accurate real in-flight weather for trip planning.  This shared weather data includes temp, humidity, dewpoint, and turbulence experienced during flight at specific GPS locations and altitudes in space.

The Metis is compatible with the Aithre Illyrian wearable oximeter, Altus Meso tank pressure gauge, and the Shield carbon monoxide detector.

We have a small batch of only 8 Metis units available in 3 weeks for a 30% off the normal retail price of $350.  Call us now if you are interested.