Illyrian Headset or Forehead Oximeter Launch

The first customers will take delivery of our Aithre Illyrian headset oximeters next week.  This oximeter is unlike the finger devices everyone is familiar with.  Instead, this oximeter features a small pad that is tucked against the skin below the earlobe.  Alternatively, it can be worn during sleep or hiking on the forehead or temple under a headband.  The device is powered by USB and our supplied custom portable power bank, but is otherwise completely wireless in data transmission to an iOS and WatchOS device.  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is used to auto pair with the iPhone or iPad to provide real-time and 12 hour trend data of blood oxygen levels.  Additionally, you are also able to real-time monitor up to six team members or passengers on the same app interface.  Continuous, unobtrusive, and real-time with many days of use due to its ultra-low power consumption.