Healthview Update

Healthview Update

The World's first dedicated biometric avionics system is coming into the final stages of flight testing.  After our long 40 hour flight from Washington State to Florida and back last week, we are implementing a few additional improvements, including brighter higher contrast gauges, faster data refresh times, and the addition of respiration rate graphs.  

We flew for many hours at 14-16k MSL and the technology performed better than expected to both control our built-in smart oxygen systems and output SPO2, CO, and O2 data for the pilot and passengers.  

The FAA has already approved this instrument for all Part 23 aircraft, including all pressurized Part 23 aircraft like the TBM, Meridian, Kodiak, and the Pilates.  This instrument will be a game changer, introducing access to a wide array of data:

  • Cabin pressure altitude
  • SPO2 x 6 place
  • Heart Rate x 6 place
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Oxygen Tank Pressure
  • Wingtip temperature / dewpoint spread
  • Respiration Rate x 6 place
  • Oxygen Flow Rate x 6 place

See also the cover story in the current edition of Aviation Consumer Magazine and watch the magazine interview from Sun N Fun with Co-Founder Jim Ruttler.  

We have paid customers eagerly waiting for its release, but want to make sure we have a few more long flights in before it gets sent out for installation.  We will be in touch with each of you as soon as we are finished.