First Customer Delivery of Avi8 Smart Oxygen Valve (beta)

First Customer Delivery of Avi8 Smart Oxygen Valve (beta)

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We are excited to announce the first customer delivery of the Aithre Altus Avi8 (beta) smart oxygen bottle.  The first user is an ER physician who has been searching for a system that would meet his needs for smarts and usability, something as good or better than what he uses at the hospital to automate oxygen delivery.  He'll be using it in his Mooney to help keep him safe at altitudes beginning at 8k MSL where he confirms that the hemoglobin dissociation curve begins to shed oxygen exponentially.

So what is the Avi8? The Avi8 is a portable battery powered attachment to an oxygen bottle, that acts as a smart intermediary between your tank and your cannula.  With push button control, you can start and stop the flow of oxygen.  Optionally, the iOS Aithre Connect app enables you to automate the flow of oxygen based on pressure altitude, heart rate, SPO2, or carbon monoxide presence.  

In operation, you can have the oxygen flow start automatically upon user set variables, such as start when your pulse ox drops below 92, or start oxygen when the pressure altitude exceeds 8k MSL, or any time your heart rate spikes above 100 bpm.  

The batteries last 6-8 hours of constant flow and are rechargeable "AA" sized Lithium Ion batteries and we will be adding a USB power cord in time for Sun N Fun.  

The normal mode is OFF, so we provide a backup port directly on the regulator that bypasses the Avi8.  Using the same cannula quick connect, you can easily swap between the Avi8 and direct access when needed.  

You can monitor both the battery level and the flow rate in the iOS app, including Siri notifications.  The Avi8 includes a very sensitive optical flow rate sensor that allows you to see 0-2.3 LPM flow in increments of 0.1LPM, directly on your iOS app and the companion WatchOS app.  Combined with the always-on Illyrian pulse oximeter and our super sensitive Shield CO detectors, you have a complete hypoxia management solution.  

The button is a custom O2 backlit button with an anodized handle that provides approximately 3 feet of access to your oxygen bottle.  Simply push the button to start the flow, and then go to the app to enable auto mode if desired.  The default is that the flow is on when the button is pushed, unless you are actively using the app to do auto mode.  If the app disconnects, the flow starts again as default.  

If the app is not used, there is an onboard buzzer that goes off when the oxygen starts and stops and also when the battery is low as a chirp.  No app is required to be used with the Avi8, but the app is highly recommended to monitor flow, oxygen pressure, and battery life.

Also included is an MH-3 flow meter and cannula to allow you to control flow rate directly at your chest level.  The flow rate can be adjusted simply by rotating a knob until the floating ball is at the altitude desired.  We include a silicone rubber protector that also duals as a mount and strap, a cannula splitter, batteries, and a battery charger.