There is so much innovation happening in the European LSA market, including from aircraft manufacturers such as JMB and Tarragon.  The JMB VL3, for example, is an LSA cruises at near 200 mph at 18k MSL thanks to a ROTAX 915 turbocharged engine, retractable gear, and a constant speed prop.  Currently, the European LSA are not available as LSA in the USA - only as experimental builds or as experimental exhibition.  

The current US LSA restrictions require limits of 1320 lbs gross weight, 120 knot speed, fixed pitch prop, fixed landing gear, 45 knot stall, and 2 seats.  Being under these limits as an LSA carries a number of benefits, including enabling piloting by any sport pilot.  But, the biggest benefit is the S-LSA or special-LSA potential for any LSA.  An S-LSA is a category that allows any LSA qualified aircraft to be built and sold complete by an aircraft manufacturer with no involvement from the FAA.  S-LSA aircraft can be used by flight schools, flown at night and under IFR conditions, and can be repaired by anyone willing to take the LSA repairman-maintenance course.  

The leading European LSA aircraft currently do not qualify for the US LSA category because of the top end speed, the retractable gear, the constant speed prop, and the stall speeds.  

Enter MOSAIC, which is a new FAA set of regulations that are expected to lift many of the limits of US LSAs and sweep in most or all of the European LSA aircraft.  The MOSAIC regulations were expected to be published in 2022, but that didn't happen and the FAA has promised to have them ready for the Federal Registrar by end of 2023.  

If and when the new LSA rules come into effect in the US, there will be a renaissance in General Aviation not seen since after World War II.  This is because all of the LSA sport pilot privileges will converge with the S-LSA benefits:  any sport pilot, any LSA repairman and maintenance, low fuel consumption, high speeds, lower costs, and elegant finishes.  

If you are just getting into general aviation or are a long-time veteran owner/pilot, there is a lot to be excited about with LSAs and the coming MOSAIC regulations.