Aithre USB Receptacle (Fast Charging, Safety, No Mortgage Required)

Aithre USB Receptacle (Fast Charging, Safety, No Mortgage Required)

Tired of hearing about how customer's can't power our devices in flight and seeing the absolutely ridiculous prices of USB receptacles for pilots, we just went and built our own.  

This tiny thing packs two 2.5Amp ports both tuned for max charge rate of iPhone and iPad devices.  We included separate onboard fuses for each plug plus a single fuse for the whole board, in addition to reverse current and over voltage protection.  All of this is built around a modern TI switching regulator and inductor combination that releases very low heat even at max charge.  Plus, we arranged the boards in a unique 'radiator' style to help dissipate the little heat that is generated.  

For those pilots without a CNC machine or laser cutting tool for your panel, we included a custom placard to cover even the worst hatchet jobs.  The plug inserts from behind the panel and the placard covers the top, with tough looking screws to match the industrial plug.  

At only $150 each, you won't have to take out a mortgage to put a few of these in your plane like with the newest competitor products that must be made of gold.

We only have a few of these available (I took 5 for my RV-10), so let us know if you want one or two.