Aithre Moving to 4WA9

Aithre Moving to 4WA9

We are excited to announce that we've secured a new lease at the Port Orchard airport just East of the Bremerton National Airport, in Puget Sound, Washington.  

While the Port Orchard Airport is private, it operates more like a public airport with a newly paved runway, separate taxiway, hangars, and industrial buildings.  Guests of Aithre will be welcome; however, with only a 2500 x 28 foot runway and trees at the airport, you will need to carefully review the runway and density altitude requirements.    

We will have our systems on display and will be able to provide drop-in sales and service for customers.  This will include our semi-built in AVI8 oxygen system that has been popular with customers and avionics installers.  

This location will also make it easier for Aithre to host customer appreciation events and to conduct safety flight testing of our products.  So, while we will miss the Ketchum, Idaho high altitude location, being at the Port Orchard airport is the future of Aithre.  Plus, we'll get to visit and see our friends at and around the Seattle area more often.

Move in date is currently set for November 15, 2021.  Stay tuned for a welcome party.