Aithre, Midwest Panels & Sling

Aithre, Midwest Panels & Sling

Midwest Panels just finished the first two installations of the Aithre built-in smart Avi8 oxygen system into two Sling TSI aircraft at the Sling Factory in Torrence, CA.  

I approached Adam and Steve at Midwest Panels about six months ago with the idea that they put the oxygen system into their panels.  Adam was immediately hooked on the idea, but kept his excitement in check while he fully evaluated and got familiar with the system.  After seeing it at SNF and the improvements at AirVenture 2021, he and the Sling executive team were excited about getting a few installations going for the Sling TSI.  

The Sling TSI is a Rotax powered 4 place with superior finishes.  The issue with the Sling TSI is that it can fly to FL 300 and their pilots are often cruising in the high teens.  This is owed to the turbocharged engine, which keeps the engine performance near sea level.  At these altitudes, oxygen is required and the Aithre system could solve this need with light and smart built-in oxygen delivery.  

Adam and Steve worked with us to get the system at their shop prior to the install, where they tested and rehearsed the installation.  With the aircraft drop offs planned, the father son team traveled to LA from Michigan and worked tirelessly over 3 days to install and test both built-in systems.  They will have more to report on the reasonably straight forward installation and the few small bumps encountered and addressed using VPX and longer tubing runs.  

But, as you can see from this picture at 17500, the Sling TSI owner with the first smart pulse is happy and enjoying flight without messing with the oxygen, situated all the way in the baggage compartment with feedback and control on the iOS device.  Further, their Garmin G3X is configured to wirelessly gather the pilot SPO2 and tank PSI to output these primary health instruments on the avionics.

Contact Adam directly if you are interested in having your Sling or other panel equipped with smart oxygen.