Aithre Healthview Status

Aithre Healthview Status

We are making significant progress on the Aithre Healthview - the World's first dedicated avionics screen with a full suite of pilot and pax health data.

The Healthview is 2.4" and features a resistive touch screen.  Using serial and BLE com, the Healthview acts as a data receiver, relay of Aithre wireless data, and control of the Aithre Avi built-in oxygen systems.  The versatility of this small screen, is amazing, as it also features a built-in barometric pressure sensor and cabin temperature gauge. 

With over 32 combinations of screen layouts that are intuitively available, the Healthview provides:

  • Avi oxygen altitude adjustment control
  • Warnings for cabin, climate, and passenger fields
  • SPO2 x 6 pax
  • Respiration rate x 6 pax
  • Oxygen flow x 6 pax
  • Cabin altitude, percentage of atmosphere, and temperature
  • Wing probe dew point, temperature, humidity, spread
  • Estimated cloud levels and freezing levels
  • Relay of Aithre beacons

The standalone health view provides cabin altitude and temperature and will automatically and dynamically accommodate any available Aithre sensor devices, such as the Shield CO series, Avi oxygen series, Metis wingtip probe, Illyrian oximeters, and Meso oxygen PSI sensors.  This enables customers to have a dedicated health user interface that fits their mission.

We expect to also have certification through NORSEE for installation on all Part 23 aircraft - so this will appeal to many different customers and aircraft owners.

We will be doing further flight testing in the next few months and expect to start taking orders and shipping around AirVenture 2023.