Aithre Connect App 9.9 Available

Aithre Connect 9.9 is now available for download.  Here is a summary of the features and updates to be aware of.

User Interface Improvements

  • Homepage data panels for quick access to critical trend and snapshot information
  • Additional help screens
  • Settings accessible on top left of homepage
  • Buttons standardized with maroon lettering
  • Pilot assistant easy access panel added to bottom of homepage
  • GUI layout improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Homepage CO trend graph was not plotting - fixed
  • Metis trend graph cut off negative numbers - fixed

Pilot Assistant - $9.99/year in-app upgrade

  • Get smooth air and rough air altitude summaries for your area from real-time PIREPS
  • Get base and top altitude reports for your area from real-time PIREPS
  • Turbulence and weather reports available from PIREPS
  • Speech access to airport information and weather
  • Spoken checklists


The home screen now has rideable panels for each of our devices for quick access to the most pertinent real-time and trend data.