Debuting @ AirVenture: Smart Button for use w/ G3X Smart Glide Feature

If you have a Garmin G3X with Smart Glide, listen up!  

This year at AirVenture 2022, we will be debuting a new product for 2022: the Aithre Angel smart button.  This elegant custom panel button will engage your Garmin G3X Smart Glide with a 1 second push hold and backlit feedback.  

Beyond working as a better button interface, we have a collaboration in development with SureFly, using our biometric monitoring to automatically engage the Aithre Angel and sequence a possible over-airport emergency block descent, in the event of hypoxia and non-response.  

This is another first of its kind from Aithre, so be sure to come see it at our booth and Surefly's booth in Hangar A at Oshkosh AirVenture 2022!