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The Aithre USB charger is specifically designed for experimental aircraft and to charge iOS devices at the fastest charge rate possible.  If you've experienced slow charge rates from plugs advertised as 'fast' or 'high wattage', the reason is that Apple requires a voltage key on the data pins of the USB to unlock the faster charge rates.  It doesn't matter if your USB charger is 100W - if you don't apply the right voltage keys the Apple devices won't take it.  Instead, you'll get stuck with 500 mA and a device that barely charges. 

We've designed the Aithre USB to unlock the highest level of charge for Apple devices at 1Amp for iPhones and 2Amp for iPads.  Moreover, the Aithre USB can easily handle these high charge rates because of the advanced Texas Instruments switching regulator and inductor combination we've based the design upon.  Added safety features including three on-board fuses, reverse current protection, over-temperature protection, and over-voltage protection, plus a unique radiator-type PCB arrangement to dissipate heat.  

You'll also enjoy the Aithre placard that comes with the Aithre USB.  In addition to looking great, it is really there to cover up any non-precision panel cuts.  We are pilots and builders ourselves, so we know that the pretty pictures of laser-cut holes are not practical for most builders.  Use a drill and a Dremmel tool, and apply the placard over the top to make for a clean install.


  • Voltage keys on data pins to unlock fastest iPhone and iPad charge rates available to USB-A (1A iPhone and 2A iPad)
  • Dual 5V 2.5 Amp (12.5 Watts each) based on TI LM53625 designed for automotive/industrial high-performance applications
  • 7 Amp on-board fuse for entire USB plug
  • Dual 3 Amp on-board fuses for each outlet
  • Onboard diode for reverse current protection
  • Onboard over-temperature shutoff circuit
  • 12V (up to 18V) input with easy 2 wire installation with recommended 7.5 A aircraft bus fuse
  • Rugged industrial-style metal Amphenol USB interface
  • Aithre placard to cover non-precision panel cuts
  • Unique radiator arrangement of circuit boards for heat dissipation

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