Angel Smart Button
Angel Smart Button

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Angel Smart Button

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The Aithre Angel smart button is available for preorder now for the Fall 2022 season.

This smart button is usable with the Garmin G3X to activate Smart Glide as an aftermarket solution and optional replacement for the standard Garmin button.


The Aithre Angel is a brushed aluminum momentary button powered by Aithre electronics and software, featuring a softly illuminated red 'A' which brightens upon depression. A small electronic enclosure is hooked up to the smart button and designed to be mounted and hidden behind the avionics panel.


The Aithre Angel is more than a mere momentary button as it is enabled by a processor, low energy wireless module, and switching circuitry, which enables enhanced functionality. Specifically, the Aithre Angel will increase the intensity of the red indicator upon being pressed and after 3 seconds of holding, the Aithre Angel will initiate a series of flashing indications and drive the discrete output pin LOW to activate the Garmin G3X Smart Glide.  

Additionally, the Aithre Connect app can be used to optionally automatically trigger the Aithre Angel in the event of extreme carbon monoxide levels, cabin pressure, or blood oxygen levels. This in-app feature must be user activated for a flight, with user-selected flags being set, and requires a lack of response to multiple warnings. And, the automatically engagement can be subsequently cancelled using the normal Garmin G3X Smart Glide cancellation procedures.  


The Aithre Angel includes hardware and wiring for a future SureFly descent technology that is currently in development. While the Angel is enabled, this functionality will be turned off until the development and testing has been completed by Aithre and SureFly.

Because the Smart Glide system is designed for engine out glide assist and not hypoxia or health emergencies, the automatic activation feature of the Aithre Angel after extreme parameters and lack of response will only direct the aircraft to the nearest airport. While the Smart Glide does not climb, it will not descend until best glide speed has been reached.

Accordingly, this future functionality will enable a controlled descent by shutting off both SureFly electronic mags as a last resort. For instance, after lack of pilot response, extreme health parameters, and aircraft location over an airport circling aimlessly, and failure to silence warnings, a block descent to MSA or 10k MSL can be initiated with a forced glide directly over an airport. This could be particularly useful for scenarios where hypoxia has set in and higher oxygen concentrations at lower altitudes would help revive the pilot and crew. 


The wiring includes 12-14V power, ground, with a discrete output for the Smart Glide discrete input pin per the Garmin installation manual.  

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