Smart Pulse with AVI8

Smart Pulse with AVI8

We have an exciting product on the way.  The Avi8 is a smart valve that works with any aviation oxygen regulator and tank to conserve and intelligently regulate the flow of oxygen.  This product pushes the boundaries of possibility by integrating with our iOS app and our wearable oximeter and wireless pressure monitor to permit not only auto control on/off, but also demand pulsing with volume that is real-time adjusted for altitude.

Smart Pulse.  This feature pulses oxygen only when you breathe to increase oxygen duration by about 30%.  This concept isn't new, but the features we've added and the method that we do the pulsing is.  For one, the iOS app permits selection of % of standard, instead of a one-size fits all approach.  Standard is 1 LPM for each 10k feet in pressure altitude.  With this slider bar set, the pulse duration and oxygen volume is adjusted for each breath duration and for each 1 foot change in pressure altitude.  With the paired Aithre Illyrian pulse oximeter constantly monitoring your SPO2, you can squeeze out the maximum use from each oxygen fill, making your oxygen last longer for each trip.  If your SPO2 ever drops below 92%, the AVI8 will automatically switch to constant flow until your pulse ox returns to normal.

Smart Valve.  The Avi8 works with any aviation oxygen regulator using a 50PSI upper limit for input pressure.  And, the Avi8 includes a knob to set your upper limit flow rate for the flight, such as 1.5LPM for a flight to 15kMSL.  From there, the parameters for altitude, SPO2, heart rate, and carbon monoxide levels can be set to trigger the on/off mode.  At anytime during the flight any of those values are triggered, you will have the oxygen flow turn on, in either continuous mode or pulse mode as desired.  One exciting observation is that the heart rate can spike during stressful events such as during runup, takeoff, and approaches.  The oxygen actually comes on and helps cap the heart rate to avoid these spikes.  

Respiration Rate.  The Avi8 also tracks your respiration rate and graphs this parameter along with flow rate, SPO2, and oxygen PSI changes so you can better understand your particular oxygen needs after flight while on the ground.

Handle.  The unique push button handle with backlit custom O2 button allows for you to turn on and off the oxygen flow, even if the tank is behind you.  No app is required to turn the oxygen on or off - just pushing the button activates the flow.  However, the app can be used for the more advanced functions, making it easier to turn on oxygen when you need it.

Altus wireless pressure.  Built-in to this unit is the Altus quick connect plug for use with your existing Altus pressure gauge.  A single batt

USB or ship power.  We've got the Avi8 powered using 5V input, using less than 150mA of power.  It is designed to use ship USB power; this ensures there are no batteries to worry about charging and that there is always oxygen when you need it.  For experimental aircraft, you can also hook up the power to dedicated 12V ship power with a small fuse to make sure your oxygen is always accessible.  While portable USB power banks could work, this is not recommended as you could easily run out of power and have your oxygen stop.  

Backup.  Keep your existing cannula and flow meter setup as a backup.  Whenever needed, you can simply disconnect the Avi8 and plug your existing cannula in place to continue the flight safety.

SIRI notifications.  Run the Aithre Connect app in split screen and keep Siri notifications on via your paired aviation headset.  You will get real-time spoken notifications about flow irregularities, flow start/stop, and checks of your upper flow limit against current pressure altitude.  Plus, see your pulse oximeter values directly on the oxygen graph to track your cognitive oxygen supply.

Any oxygen tank, any regulator.  The Avi8 will work with any oxygen tank or regulator, using a 50 PSI upper limit and built-in knob flow meter for setting an upper limit.  

We already have a wait list for this product with large retailers in the U.S. and Europe eager to get their hands on it.  Call us to get on the list as we plan to have the first products available in 6-8 weeks after some final flight testing and refinements.