AVWeb Featured Aithre's Avi8 Smart Pulse Oxygen System

AVWeb Featured Aithre's Avi8 Smart Pulse Oxygen System

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Aithre's Avi8 smart pulse oxygen system was featured on AVWeb the first day of AirVenture 2021, resulting in lots of interest and sales at the show.  We let Larry know about the new product and within one day we were put on the spot to demo the product.  Fortunately, Jes is an amazing presenter under pressure and without notice.  I was happy to demo the product with excessive oxygen at Sea Level with a front row view of her performance.  Larry and his crew turned the raw interview into a great video the very next day, driving too much traffic to our booth!

If you aren't familiar with the AVI8, you can see the video here.  The AVI8 provides microbursted oxygen delivery with each pulse chopped up into 20 millisecond doses.  The trigger is optical flow sensor based instead of pressure based, making the breathing detection more responsive and the subsequent oxygen delivery more smooth.  We are observing very high endurance rates using the iOS device to further refine the dose to a personalized level.  With the feedback of the real-time Illyrian oximeter, it is also possible to auto kick on and off the oxygen based on actual SPO2, BPM, and pressure altitudes that are user selectable.

The iOS is required to fully utilize the features of the AVI8, but the AVI8 can operate in a less efficient default mode without the iOS or app.  There is also a semi-built-in option for experimental aircraft that folks are beginning to install.

We've had delays due to a component supply shortage, but all that should come to an end next week.  We are slated to receive these components and will then finalize and ship the first units to the patient customers that have been waiting in cue.  

If you are doing your avionics panel with Midwest Panels or Aerotronics, they are offering installation of the panel O2 button and the cannula quick connects as part of the build.  Also, Midwest Panels is offering to install your entire plumbing system into your Sling aircraft.  

These systems are currently offered only through our website or via the panel makers.  Air Store in Europe will be the first international retailer to offer them to customers in the next month or so.